Thursday, December 18, 2014

Be a Winner! Sell More Advertising!

MAGAZINE ADVERTISING SALES can be very tricky these days. With all of the talk about print magazines going away, many advertising sales professionals are getting discouraged. Don’t believe it! ADVERTISING SALES will continue to feed the information business for many years to come, but you have to be smart to get the largest share of a decreasing print advertising pool. is a website just for magazine advertising sales professionals. Brought to you by Nancy O’Brien, a multi-million dollar a year advertising sales rep herself, will feature a weekly blog on improving your advertising sales skills and knowledge so that you can SELL MORE ADS! This site also features discussion boards so that you can talk with other magazine advertising sales professionals and provide other resources for print and online advertising sales.

Nancy O’Brien, in addition to her day job, offers advertising sales training and consulting where her clients learn dozens of tips and tricks to finding new business and closing sales. A full description of her offerings as well as contact information can be found in the contact bar above.

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